Noted sports medicine physician to serve as president
of global professional regenerative medicine organization

Dr. Annette Zaharoff administers a Prolotherapy injection during the March 2018 mission trip of the non-profit Hackett Hemwall Patterson Foundation.

San Antonio, TX – Sports medicine physician Dr. Annette Zaharoff has been named president of the newly formed International Association for Regenerative Therapy.

The Association, or IART, is an advocacy group for regenerative medicine, particularly prolotherapy. IART’s mission is to teach globally, certify professionals in prolotherapy and other regenerative medicine treatments – including platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections and stem cell injections – and to share innovative techniques to treat chronic pain and relieve suffering.

Dr. Zaharoff, Medical Director for the Non-Surgical Center of Texas, is one of the nation’s leading proponents of prolotherapy, an injectable solution of glucose and lidocaine. Administered properly into damaged tendons or joints, prolotherapy can help patients heal and recover from musculoskeletal injury.

Dr. Zaharoff has lectured internationally on the benefits of prolotherapy. She also has helped lead international prolotherapy missions for more than a decade with the non-profit Hackett Hemwall Patterson Foundation (HHPF). As Director of Education for the HHPF, she has taught practitioners from around the world on the most effective ways to administer prolotherapy, while also helping to organize free clinics that have treated thousands of patients.

As the president of IART, Dr. Zaharoff will be at the forefront of the advancement of regenerative medicine by promoting the growing body of evidence supporting the effectiveness of prolotherapy and other regenerative medicine treatments.

In 2020, IART will hold its annual Prolotherapy/Regenerative Medicine conference in Madison, Wisc. The Symposium, which has been run by the HHPF for a quarter century, draws hundreds of physicians to the University of Wisconsin-Madison to learn about the latest studies and techniques in administering prolotherapy and regenerative therapies.

IART also will be based in Madison, Wisc. IART membership is open to all medical professionals interested in using prolotherapy and other regenerative therapies as a treatment for chronic pain. Membership categories exist for individuals and organizations at all levels of practice and experience.

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