Non-surgical treatment options make Dr. Zaharoff’s approach unique

Dr. Zaharoff’s approach encourages individuals to become active participants in their own health and fitness. Initially, a variety of methods may be used to control a patient’s pain as her team educates the patient about the importance of eliminating stress and strain from the injury in order to enhance recovery and minimize recurrence.

The non-surgical approach available from an experienced Physiatrist (or Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physician) such as Dr. Zaharoff is an aggressive and comprehensive alternative to treat pain and injuries. A rehabilitative, non-surgical approach may not only prevent, reduce, or eliminate physical pain, in many cases it may be a less expensive alternative and require less total recovery time than surgery.

There are a wide variety of non-surgical interventions that may be prescribed for many conditions, either eliminating the need for surgery or significantly postponing it. Each treatment plan is individualized to address the needs of the patient.

As an experienced Physiatrist, Dr. Zaharoff may recommend a combination of treatments. Treatment plans may include the use of:

o   Prolotherapy injections
o   Regenerative Injection Therapies
o   Platelet Rich Plasma Injections
o   Stem Cell Therapies
o   Ultrasound guided injections
o   Physical Therapy
o   Diagnostic Ultrasound
o   Acupuncture
o   Electroceuticals
 Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy
o   Therapeutic injections
o   Referrals for pain management, diagnostic xrays, MRI scans, CT scans
o   Trigger point injections
o   Cortisone injections
o   Prescription exercise

Appropriate Referrals
If other services are needed to help the patient recover, Dr. Zaharoff will provide a referral for the patient.  Such services may include:
o   Nutritional counseling/management
o   Stress management
o   Epidural steroid injections
o   Facet joint and selective nerve root blocks


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