I had pain in both of my hands. Some of it is just probably how my joints are put together, but it is all aggravated by the repetitive motion issues in the work I do as an artist who makes contemporary quilts and who designs fabric for the quilting industry.

I have arthritis in both hands, and tendinitis in the fingers and up to the wrist. I had tendinitis in the elbows, too. I had a variety of treatments in the past – multiple injections of steroids and physiotherapy, and I was still struggling with the issue.

My friend recommended Dr. Annette Zaharoff. Dr. Z recommended a fairly extensive course of physical therapy for both hands. And then we started doing Prolotherapy. We alternated hands. I did three rounds in both hands over the course of several months.

The last round of injections, when she asked me how I was doing, I said I have absolutely no pain. I went from having loss of strength and persistent pain to feeling like my hands were back to the point before any of it started.

I have to say I was skeptical of whether Prolotherapy would work. I didn’t know anything about this type of technique. I used to be a practicing registered nurse, and this was well outside the parameters of what I considered an effective course of treatment. When you are trying to find a treatment modality that is effective, however, it’s important to be open-minded about it, and try anything on a conservative basis before you try anything more invasive, such as surgery.

Along with the Prolotherapy injections, I was prescribed a regiment of physical therapy with Dr. Z’s staff. It was absolutely wonderful. Everyone I interacted with in the physical therapy department of her practice was excellent at their work, extremely knowledgeable, empathic and helpful.

I am delighted about the outcome. I have no idea how it could have been better. Along with relieving the pain in my hands and wrists, the tendinitis issues in my hands and elbows cleared up, too. I went from having chronic tendinitis in both my elbows to having absolutely none.

I recommend Prolotherapy and the Non-Surgical Center of Texas to anyone dealing with this type of chronic pain.

Leslie Jenison
Professional quilting artist