I had sugery on both knees about 50 years ago.  Football injuries.

About 30 years ago I moved from Laredo out to the family ranch near Encinal, Texas.  For about 20 years I loved taking long walks on the ranch.  About 10 years ago my left knee started really bothering me, so I quit taking my walks.  I figured I was doomed to getting an artifical knee.  Then I heard about Dr. Zaharoff.

I took a blood test, and had an MRI for the knee, and started PRP treatments.  About a year later, I can honestly say the treatment was a success.  About two weeks ago I took a one hour walk on the ranch, and had no pain or discomfort.  Just last weekend, my 25 year old daughter came to visit from Duke University, and wanted to walk around the ranch, so off we went.  I even had to climb up earthen banks about 20 feet high, and then descend on the other side.  Success!  No pain or discomfort.”

Ricardo D. Palacios, Attorney at Law

Laredo/Encinal, Texas

Author: Tio Cowboy

Texas A&M Press, 2007

Note: This testimonial was submitted in March 2012