SAN ANTONIO, TX – Noted sports medicine expert and former professional tennis player Dr. Annette Zaharoff has been named tournament physician for the 2014 USTA National Women’s Intersectional Team Tennis Event.

The non-profit Texas Tennis and Education Foundation and the San Antonio Tennis Association will be hosting the event at the McFarlin Tennis Center in San Antonio, TX, which kicks off Monday, Nov. 10 and runs through Sunday, Nov. 16.

Nearly 300 of the nation’s top female tennis players ages 35 and older will compete in singles and doubles competition.

Dr. Zaharoff, a former player on the WTA circuit, heads the Non-Surgical Center of Texas on Huebner Road.  An expert in Rehabilitation Medicine, Dr. Zaharoff is recognized for utilizing cutting-edge, non-invasive treatments such as Stem Cell therapy, prolotherapy, platelet rich plasma injections with ultrasound guidance and acupuncture, often paired with physical therapy.

Dr. Zaharoff regularly serves as tournament physician for college and USTA events, and at the Australian Open and the Grand Slam Seniors Event at the Dominion Country Club.